List of Marketing Services Offered by Youex Solutions – Digital Marketing Services List


Optimize your Marketing Budget

Spend at the line of multiplication

Be found with our SEO services. Understanding opportunities to generate visibility is fundamental for any SEO. Our SEO team ensures that search engines can access your content, by analyzing your audience and the search landscape. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll work with our content team to ensure that your content is speaking to your audience using language they’d understand. Promoting your content in places where your audience spends time online is the final step toward visibility.


spend where it grows

Paid Marketing (PPC)

The digital landscape across screens, platforms, and mediums is constantly evolving. Our Media strategies and plans model to that behaviour of shifting with the audience to adapt to your business needs and your customers.

With the evolution and exposure that comes with search behaviour, your potential customers are empowered to make the most informed decision before they buy, call, act, and convert. It is our job to identify such behaviour trends and to leverage such advancements to segment customers into audiences.

we make it work

Social Media Marketing

Paid social advertising is essential to drive true business outcomes in an era where customers navigate through multiple social media platforms.

Based on your business objectives, it is our expertise to make your company stand out with quality content to make an impact.

Quality content and creatives are essential to break through the thousands of pieces of content a viewer is consuming daily.

With access to data and customer insights, we will provide social campaigns, targeting, messaging, creative, and copy recommendations across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.


Content Marketing

for successful brand penetration

Content is the engine that drives all your digital marketing efforts, and that the quality of your content will dictate the success of your website.

Our approach to content marketing starts with understanding your audience and how to reach them.

Performance Marketing

Making smarter, data-informed decisions in every step of your eCommerce journey to reach your target market.

At YouEx, we revolve our work around decisions made using data, analytics and insights gathered periodically to inform all aspects of performance marketing.

We rely on the following components for our data-driven performance marketing.

  • Data

    We create a data strategy integrating marketing data, audience data with your business outcome across your customer journey.

  • Insights

    Insights drawn from reports, data models for a precursor to fuel performance marketing.

  • Analytics

    Making data sets available to all stakeholders that can be used to improve working and workflows.


Conversion Rate Optimization

An eCommerce CRO or conversion rate optimization is a process to reconsider your existing customers and increase their rate of conversion. It is a more systematic manner to analyze your consumer’s behavior and optimize your site/landing page accordingly. Hence, providing a better consumer experience driving them to perform the desired action on your page.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

It is fairly easy to calculate the conversion rates. All you need is the data of the total number of visitors and conversion count.

We as marketers thrive to focus on the conversion rate only. It’s not you or me. It is a common tendency among marketers to consider sales as conversion and making it a top-priority goal to achieve more sales.


  • Excessively growing PPC and other digital marketing costs.
  • Increasing competition in digital marketing and online businesses.
  • The traffic you get from Social Media and the effects of your social campaigns.
  • Shortening the consumer attention span.
  • Justifies and streamlines your business.
  • Effective and efficient utilization of money invested in the business.
  • Improves the affiliate and other marketing efforts.
  • Improves the look and feel of your online store.