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Why CliCom?

With the advent of the pandemic, we have seen many high street brands and retailers report a 60% to 80% drop in their physical store footfalls, across their locations globally. While the pandemic is a short-term setback, the physical brick and mortar stores will still need to face tough competition from digital eCommerce marketplaces.

CliCom make your retail business counter and sustain both these short-term and long-term problems

Keep reading to know how

Top 3 benefits

of empowering your retail business with CliCom


Counter the declining store footfalls and maximize the sales of your physical stores, even without your customers visiting


Convert your physical stores into digitally equipped sales and delivery outfits


Continuously engage your customers and earn long-term customer loyalty


A simple tool that will help you sell your products digitally,
from your physical stores

How does it work?

With over a decade of experience in providing technology products and services to retailers, we understand the retail industry and its strategic areas deeply. CliCom is an output of all our learnings from the digital retail industry’s evolution. It is custom-built keeping in mind the problems faced by retail stores today.

  • Stock Digitization

    Use the CliCom app on your phone to quickly click a few pictures of the products you want to sell. You can create a single product campaign or a product collection campaign.

  • Link Generation

    CliCom automatically generates shareable links for your store products and product collections for your customers to buy digitally.

  • Publish

    Once your campaign gets approved, you can go ahead and share the links along with rich product imagery in a wide range of channels. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc.

  • Conversion

    Your target audience can just click on the link and purchase the products of their liking. Post-purchase, you will receive the delivery details that you can fulfil offline.

Industry wise benefits

CliCom is for everyone who has a store. A store that is essentially successful with physical footfalls but is looking for an opportunity to ensure sure-shot digital footfall for their brand. We will provide your brand with a digital store that will enable a platform for customers to view your products and services in the most appealing possible way.

Retail Store Chains

Convert your physical store and warehouse network into digitally equipped sales and delivery outfits

Maximize the sales of your physical stores, even without your customers visiting

Continuously engage your customers at a neighborhood level and earn long term customer trust and loyalty

Single Stores

Venture into the world of eCommerce with minuscule investment.

Grow your overall store sales by just sharing what you have at the store.

Build a loyal customer base by continuously attracting your customer base with new products, offers, discounts.

Owners & Entrepreneurs

Maximize the ROI on your retail physical infrastructure

Give your employees a new tool to grow your store sales.

A long-term solution to balancing your sales and a counter to the ever-dropping retail footfall.

Features list

Take a look at all the features this product comes with…

Easy Catalogue Creation

Click and create your product catalog, to promote the new arrivals or want to flaunt your new festive collection to your local audience.

CRM Integration

Connect to any existing CRM database of yours and trigger the persona-based campaigns.

Create your own product

Group your products under various collections and publish.

Accept payment in any form

As you have full control over the delivery of the product, accept the payment the way you wish. Card/Cash on delivery, Net-banking, Credit/Debit, UPI, Wallets, Loyalty Points… etc…

Delivery & Fulfillment

The store assistant & Delivery partner integration for local & outstation delivery respectively gives you full control over the last mile delivery of the product. Delivery boy apps for big volume business.

Calculated campaign management

Campaign allocation per user based on human psychology and analysis.

Brand & Data Security

Event-based pin authentication moderated campaign management.

Reward Program

Points distribution mechanism to reward your best performers.

Ask for demo and pricing

Now serving Enterprise and Large Stores setup. Single and small store setup is getting ready. We will update you soon on the Clicom lite version