Case Study SISMO

About the client

South India Shopping Mall, a unit of RS Brothers Private Limited is one of the finest and premier Textiles, Garments & Jewelery showrooms in South India. Popularly referred to as South India’s Largest Shopping Mall, it is a one-stop destination for women, men and kids apparels for all occasions.

The need

SISM came to us with the idea of selling a wide range of apparel for all age groups and wanted a fully streamlined business process in place to support their high-tech marketing system. YouEx Solutions in 2019 developed an enterprise-level eCommerce website for South India’s Largest Shopping Mall, a wholesome place for your family shopping.

What we did

YouEx developed an eCommerce enterprise website that is fully responsive and is moduled to enhance mobile user experience. The web portal offers an online place for user to purchase apparel for all age groups. A registration page for customers to register and participate in SISMO’s discount program. Marketing tools applied to promote SISMO offer banners, create a theme which allows users to shop for all their regular and occasional needs.

Website development

Being an enterprise-level account, the website was entirely developed on Magento and the stock/warehouse was managed by an end-to-end vinculum integration for the WMS. The interactive and responsive website was made to cater to the audience who were interested in doing a transaction on their mobile phones. One of the most special feature to be introduced here was the online KG sale which is a first in the country as we believe to provide a platform where customers could purchase sarees based on their weights across several price slots.


Since mobile users were our first-level target customers, the design of the responsive website caters to the clarity and ease of use to these audiences. Also, the desktop website, similarly is bountiful and full of colour, making the theme more Indian laced with elegance.

Digital catalog

Digital cataloguing being one of our preferred services, the catalog of SISMO.IN was elaborate and high in number. We took this humongous task – wherein we provided product photography, videography and the entire catalog process, fit for the best apparel sellers of South India. Though it seemed to be a daunting task, our experts had a fluent system in place which made it easier and a fun part of the development process.

marketing activities

We developed a variety of marketing tools for SISMO to enable their users to use the rewards/loyalty program and the coupons to encash the offers circulated. By clicking through a customized ad set, the users will be land on a tailor-made category of apparel to select from. Email newsletters, buttons on websites, or social media posts are the most popular marketing tools used to promote the program. We also create website banners in multiple sizes and social sharing widgets to reach Facebook and Instagram followers.

Social media

Though South India Shopping Mall is a popular household name through TV ads and promotions, they lacked a strong digital presence. Our strategy was to play with our strengths of being popular while increasing the likes and followers for the brand on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Simultaneously launching offers with ads that reached a like-minded audience. Our ads were so well received that, we also saw conversions from North-Indian states where the brand is not as popular.

Seo and Google ads

As every website needs an organic push, we made the right inclusions and edits to provide optimization to the website where we could monetize and target with the keywords. Retargeting ads were a super-hit and as were the Google display ads and text ads grabbing eyeballs, clicks and conversions.


Customer rate optimizations are an advanced set of strategies implemented after a 3-month analysis of the performance of the website. It is after careful consideration of data and analytics obtained across various channels, we come forth with certain strategies. Here, the problem was the drop of 60% of genuine traffic impacting conversions. We implemented custom tracking recording tools, identified the gaps in the checkout funnel, and customized the checkout journey. This solution brought the drop rate to 25%.


Results in the digital world is an ascending graph. With continuous monitoring, it is always growing.

  • 82

    total number of campaigns

  • 1.2M

    Website traffic

  • 45%

    Organic / direct

  • 32%

    Average bounce

  • 99.9%

    Site Uptime

  • 34k

    backlinks created