About YouEx Solutions – Custom Ecommerce Web site Design and Development Services


To make it possible for every retailer across the globe to have the access and the self-sustainability that eCommerce has to offer and to proliferate the knowledge and efficacy of digitization.


Our Mission is to create a digital ecosystem, bringing decades of experience and learning into effective eCommerce solutions that are practical and easy-to-use, and also where our clients and our prospective clients are prepared for the future.


YouEx Solutions is fueled by creativity and proven by technology, we find intuitive ways to bridge between your ideas and the success of your business.

Our ideas and experience bring in a plethora of web designs and development solutions to turn our client’s intent into action. We believe in creating a user experience that works to enhance the operational quality of your business.

Backed with a strong team of experienced professionals, YouEx strategizes in transforming your business ideas into an elegant business ecosystem.

Our Strengths

  • 20+ years of Digital Industry Experience.
  • Work Experience with all TOP brands across ASIA.
  • Handled & provided Solutions for critical business needs.
  • Experts in designing result-oriented digital frameworks.
  • Expertise in all leading digital business platforms.
  • Built 100+ success stores in various modules in digital space.

Why YouEx?

Our strategists have a keen eye and are detail-oriented to identify digital measures and opportunities in crafting the right digital strategy to meet business objectives under one umbrella.

Paired with data-driven analysis, our experts derive actionable insights from quality data to optimize marketing strategies.

Our Journey So Far

Our journey so far has come with ups and downs, and all those experiences increased our passion, made us a more resilient and dynamic team.


  • We began our voyage in a co-working space
  • Our first enterprise client is South India’s Largest fashion brand
  • We were chosen by the Apollo Group of Hospitals to set up their Apollo Diagnostics website and application
  • Our team got bigger, we moved our office to new premises


  • We braved the pandemic
  • Industry experts were onboarded to enhance our element
  • Improved leadership, new alliances, and partnerships accelerated our capabilities and the learning curve progressed
  • Our service lines multiplied as did our clientele


  • We signed up our first National Brand
  • The resurgence of the pandemic made us revisit our image
  • We took up rebranding and positioning of YouEx
  • Conceptualized the BI tool

The Team

Every team member is seasoned with sound experience and brings their unique set of creative skills in creating contemporary designs and solutions to provide your business with an immaculate user interface and user experience.

Founder and Director Mr. Anil Thapa, the driving force behind YouEx, has been part of the IT industry for about 22 years now. For the past 14 years has been an active contributor in the development, implementation, and business growth strategies for the world’s largest retail brands.

Anil was one of the core team members of the early eCommerce SaaS-based platform known as MartJack, which was eventually taken over by Capillary Technologies.